Mainstreaming of ecological compensation

The consortium will evaluate the requirements from a legal framework for developing the national system for biodiversity offsetting. A planned amendment for the nature conservation act would dictate when offsetting would be mandatory and under which conditions. The BOOST consortium is actively involved in defining these conditions. This amendment alone will not be enough, and other questions must still be addressed before a widespread adoption of ecological compensations. Hence, addressing some of them will be among the first steps in BOOST, and this will also help with the adoption of voluntary compensation measures. These questions include how to draft and design contracts, clarifying the relationship between land use planning and offsetting, and defining certain ground rules for companies selling compensation solutions.

Several helpful guides for planning biodiversity offsetting will be produced in the project. This includes guides on ecological compensations, and on the offset registry, software and accounting formulas designed during the project. The scientific knowledge, guides, case examples and other project experiences will be compiled into an open MOOC course supporting continuous learning.