Recording: EEAC 30th anniversary conference panel on biodiversity offsetting

EEAC 30th anniversary conference The Critical Decade of Action: Mobilising Sustainability Transformation in Europe was organized 14.–15.9.2022 in Helsinki. The goal of the conference was to think and discuss critical actions for promoting sustainability transformation in the current decade. The event was hosted by the three independent science panels: The Finnish Nature Panel, The Finnish Climate Panel, and Expert Panel for Sustainable Development

The role of biodiversity offsetting was discussed in one of the panels. Professor Atte Moilanen (WP3 lead of BOOST) introduced the panel discussion by presenting the basic principles which need to be addressed in planning biodiversity offsets. Atte also presented typical challenges and problems in implementing offsets and explained why open offset register has a central role in their success. The panel guests also included BOOST’s Janne Kotiaho (consortium lead).

Other panel guests were:

  • Juhani Damski, kansliapäällikkö, YM
  • Markku Ollikainen, puheenjohtaja, Ilmastopaneeli
  • Ilona Lundström, innovaatiot ja yritysrahoitus -osaston osastopäällikkö, TEM
  • Janne Peljo, johtava asiantuntija, EK
  • Marko Mäkihakola, metsäjohtaja, MTK


See the embedded video (2:46:10) for the recording from 14.9.2022.

The EEAC Network organizes an annual conference for its members and a group of invited guests. The EEAC Annual Conference brings together advisory councils and stakeholders and focuses on a topic related to the tasks of advisory councils on climate change, environment and sustainable development. The EEAC Annual Conference is organized each year by one- or a consortium of members.